As humanity is facing climate breakdown, together with an increase in wealth inequality and social unrest, all sectors of society are called to work together to reimagine an economic system for a better future. New sustainable and circular models are supporting innovation while tackling wasteful consumption and climate justice.

Having worked extensively with both corporates and third sector organisations, I am a strong believer in the power of collaboration among all industries to create shared solutions for social good.

I support companies who are looking to embed social purpose within their business models, seeking to implement sustainable and circular processes that are effective and empower the workforce to become citizen-philanthropists.

​I work with executive teams specifically with program design and partnership development to implement employee engagement programs and skill-based initiatives.

I support social enterprises and charities seeking to redefine their strategic journeys with business tools and outcomes impact frameworks aimed to maximise social mission.


Get in touch if you would like to know more about how I can support you in your transition into ethical and valuable practices.


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 Create Social Purpose in
Your Business

Add value to your business
with an aligned and sustainable             social purpose.
Use your resources:
Your People, Products and Profit.

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Discover the social purpose aligned to your business and map focus areas based on how your business can contribute and benefit


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Design social impact strategy in alignment with business vision and footprint, and community needs



Implement high impact programs through facilitating multi-stakeholder partnerships for optimised impact per dollar



Report qualitative and quantitative program impact derived from structured tracking of program inputs, outputs, and outcomes

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