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Virtual Hidden Howth Experience

You can also read this article on the Dublin Bay Biosphere site:

As we know, the Covid crises has hit our small to medium enterprises (SME) particularly hard, forcing them to reimagine their business models. Notwithstanding the economic challenges, companies boosting their digital presence are availing of the opportunity to reach a global audience. A good example of a successful digital rebranding is the Hidden Howth Experience. Its founder, Mark McHale has brought the company’s tours online, managing to retain its international presence and keep up the flair of what it means to be Irish. Mark’s story-telling abilities and his impressive knowledge of history provide the audience with a totally unique journey.

Assisted by the lovely Missy – a black and white spaniel– you will enjoy a fun and informative experience about one of Ireland’s most beautiful villages: Howth. Throughout the hour-long webinar, Mark entertains by weaving historic facts to the most bizarre true events, guaranteeing lots of laughs. By using the Zoom platform, you will join a small group of fellow travellers from all over the world. For instance my tour consisted of a diverse group if virtual visitors from Europe and the States, accompanied by several dogs and one cat (my own) too! With the aid of 360 HD videos and photos, you will enjoy cliff walks, pop into Howth’s oldest pub and visit Ireland’ Eye. You will be immersed in a time-travel experience into the many rebellions, the Famine, and other unique Irish stories. You will visit historic places like Howth’s Castle, St. Mary’s Abbey and O’Connell Bridge, in Dublin city.

Whether you are a foreign-national like me or a pure native, you are bound to learn something new. Mark also covers some of the most recent events of Irish politics and culture, fun-testing your knowledge through quizzes and interactive chats. I cannot recommend this enough, ideal if you are looking for an hour of light entertainment to do with your partner on a Friday night, or if you have teenagers in the house. This is in English language only but, rest assured, Mark’s accent is going to make you feel completely at home.

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